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Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is the CEO or Chief Executive Officer of Bahria Town and son of Malik Riaz Hussain, the leading real estate developer and seventh richest person in Pakistan. He is a leading personality coming along with great business acumen and superior knowledge in the real estate industry and his father is also one of the leading names in the industry. He is known to inherit his qualities from his father.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was also the leading man behind his dream project of first Island City ever in Pakistan by signing a deal with Thomas Kramer, the real estate tycoon in the US in 2013. The agreement has been signed to develop the epicenter of Karachi, Bundal and Bodha islands and the deal came up as an icon in the development of several clusters in the process.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is also a fitness freak kind of person who works out every day. He believes in a balanced approach between proper rest and the right nutrition. He strongly believes that a healthy diet and lifestyle habits can improve the overall mental clarity, physical appearance, and activeness of the body. It can help you lead a happy and healthy life with improved energy levels and you will be less prone to health issues. He believes that each person should take care of their health and shouldn’t skip any single day when it comes to maintaining mental and physical fitness. You need to be happy to improve your mental health and strength. Happiness is known to be part of a fit and healthy living.

Latest Project : Bahria Town recently introduced Bahria Fire Station which is recently built, at a beautiful inauguration ceremony, according to a press release. Bahria Town CEO, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was the chief guest at this ceremony attended by marketing teams and management of Bahria Town, Karachi, remarkable members of civil society, noted socialites and media teams.

While addressing this ceremony, Ali Riaz Malik added, “The fire station is going to play a vital role to keep the promise of Bahria Town when it comes to offering the best lifestyle to the home buyers. We have started Bahria Fire Station as the complex has just been completed.“

Our fire department has been working since last year and provided support and rescue in case of accidents on the motorway over the past couple of months. We hope and pray not to witness any disaster in the city. But if it happens, we are here to enhance our support.”

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has considered it as an opportunity to introduce the most anticipated Bahria Town Karachi Hospital, Day and Night Zoo, Golf Course, and Bahria Theme Park. Bahria Town Fire Station is loaded with efficient firefighters and the latest equipment. The latest communication improves the overall functionality and the fire station can be accessed through emergency number, i.e. 821. Chairman Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain has added special instructions for this fire station to provide emergency relief and rescue services in case of any mishap.

Malik Ali Riaz

Message From Chief Executive Officer

Ahmed Ali Riaz was born in Pakistan in 1978. He is the son of real estate developer, Malik Riaz Hussain, and his wife, Bina Riaz. He grew up in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where  he completed his studies. Following his education, Ahmed Ali Riaz, being an only son, started working for the family’s business, Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd, a real estate development company founded by his father. Ahmed Ali Riaz started his career at Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd at an entry level position working his way up through various roles in the company including as a procurement manager and sales & marketing manager. He was promoted to project manager in 2005 overseeing Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd’s numerous development projects in Pakistan. In 2007, Ahmed Ali Riaz was appointed as Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd’s Chief Executive Officer.

Ahmed Ali Riaz married Mubashra Ali Malik in 2003. Mubashra Ali Malik is from Pakistani family which owns one of the largest sugar refineries in Pakistan. Mubashra Ali Malik is currently involved in the philanthropic activities of Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd which includes, among other activities, providing 150,000 meals daily for underprivileged people in Pakistan.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik
Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik son of Malik Riaz Pakistan
Ahmed Ali Riaz
Ahmed Ali Riaz