Malik Riaz

Chairman of Bahria Town in Pakistan

Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Hussain is a well-known personality who has gone through different phases of life since his young age. He had to face a lot of hardships since his teenage years. He had to leave his studies in the middle because his father’s business went bankrupt and he was forced to do a part-time job to earn daily bread and butter for him and his family. Initially, Malik Riaz had worked as a clerk for Military Engineering Services and also worked as a painter for part-time. Due to his hard work and talent, he joined Pakistan Military as a contractor.

Malik Riaz married Beena Riaz and has two children – Pashmina Malik (daughter) and Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik (son).

Career Details : Malik Riaz Hussain has come a long way to secure his position as a contractor in military services until he became the seventh richest personalities in the country. Since he established Bahria Town, he took the organization to great heights while making it the largest real estate company in Asia. He has become the most popular businessman in Pakistan within just a short time period. His company Bahria Town also reached significant heights while apparently expanding its presence to cities like Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

Malik Riaz Hussain has been ranked as one of the leading businessmen in the nation and he has made a great presence in several philanthropic works for the nation. The famous Dastarkhwans are one of his notable services where he offers free meals to over 1,00,000 underprivileged people on a daily basis.

Current Projects of Bahria Town under his visionary leadership

It goes without saying that Malik Riaz Hussain has successfully taken Bahria Town to significant heights over the past couple of years and he has achieved it really well. His firm handles some of the leading projects like Blue World City Islamabad, DHA Smart City Islamabad, Bin Alam City Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Bahria Town Karachi, and Bahria Town Lahore.

Along with all such projects, his company is also developing and maintaining Pakistan’s biggest Masjid in Bahria Town Karachi, which will also have a Golf City, a Sports City, and Paradise precincts. Bahria Town brings ahead the right focus and approach in every project and the company really proves its presence as one of the leading real estate firms worldwide.

One of their most important projects, International Hospital Karachi has gained immense fame and popularity between the common public over the years. Along with offering all the world-class medical treatments to everyone, they are also providing some free services and free treatment to most of the underprivileged people who are unable to afford all the costly medical facilities.

The hospital has been well equipped with some well-qualified and professional doctors, paramedics and trained nurses on board with all important amenities to provide basic support and required medical services to common people across the country. In addition, top-class treatment and the best medical services has improved awareness among people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Malik Riaz Bahria Town

Message From Chairman

Malik Riaz has set up an example for people to come forward and implement socially responsible and sustainable programs to reduce economic disparity. His idea of mutual prosperity has touched the lives and hearts of masses and has infused a hope for a “New Pakistan” for better and prosperous future.

Malik Riaz Hussain


Malik Riaz
Ali Riaz Malik Son of Malik Riaz Hussain Bahria Town
Malik Riaz Hussain
Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik son of Malik Riaz Pakistan