Inaugurating the Fire Station at the Bahria Town by Ali Riaz Malik

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, CEO of Bahria Town, honored the occasion of the fire station inauguration. The event was attended by all the members of the their management and marketing teams and its also included some of the most note members of the society and the media.

Whilst addressing the present media, Ali Riaz Malik stated, “This fire station will go a long way to fulfill Bahria Town’s promise of providing safest lifestyle to its residents.” He added, “We have now formally inaugurated Bahria Fire Station as the building just got completed. However, our fire department has been working for the last year and had provided rescue and support to accidents on the motorway in the past few months. We pray that no disaster takes place in the city of Karachi but if ever needed we are there to extend our maximum support.”

Ali Riaz Malik also utilized the same time to discuss about the upcoming Bahria Town Karachi Hospital, Golf Course, Day and Night Zoo and Bahria Theme Park in the coming months of March and April.

It must be noted that the Bahria Town Fire Station will be equipped with some of the latest fire tenders, bowsers and bets in class firefighters. There is an inbuilt latest wireless communication system which enhances the overall functionality of the fire system. People can also access the fire station with the number 821.

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